What Is Builders ‘Inbound’ Marketing?

Is your building company still relying on referrals?

Are you fed up with spending money on advertising, without knowing if it’s REALLY working or not?

The #1 problem we see with advertising strategies being used by builders is not the channel – it’s the methodology.

If you’ve been in the industry for any amount of time, you’ve probably already noticed that consumer habits have changed dramatically in the past five years.

This means the methods that builders have traditionally used to attract clients are no longer working.

Those builders who fail to adapt and, instead, continue to follow an outdated marketing process will continue to fall further and further behind their competitors. This leaves them with the price shoppers that nobody else wants to deal with.

So if builders are using the wrong methodology, what is the right one?

Inbound Marketing For Builders

It’s called ‘inbound’ marketing. The reason builders enjoy using it so much is because it’s completely ‘non-sales-ey’.

It’s no longer about having the ‘gift of the gab’; it’s about providing valuable information and building a relationship, BEFORE you even speak with a new prospect.

A subtle, yet simple, change in how you approach the marketplace will not only lead to a consistent stream of high quality opportunities, it will also allow you to cherry-pick your clients and avoid the price shoppers.

Builders Marketing

In fact, according to Hubspot, companies that use an inbound approach to their advertising acquire new leads 61% cheaper!

Imagine that, just by changing your approach, you can more than halve your advertising spend!

Builders that are using the right approach, coupled with the right channels (such as Facebook, Google and YouTube) are now dominating their local areas and enjoying margins they never believed possible when they were relying on referrals.

So what is Builders ‘Inbound’ Marketing?

‘Inbound’ is simply the opposite of traditional ‘outbound’ marketing.

Instead of advertising your building company and then dealing with new enquiries from consumers who are looking to build a new home (which is how a traditional outbound campaign works), an inbound strategy will advertise a problem that consumers may currently be facing and provide a solution to that problem.
By providing value in advance, the consumer is far more likely to progress to the next step in the builders marketing funnel. A good marketing funnel maps out the next step the consumer needs to take, the challenges they will face and how to overcome these challenges.

At this point, the builder has a ‘Marketing Qualified Lead’, which is a prospect who has been warmed-up and is now ready for an initial conversation, where they can then be further qualified into a sales opportunity.

While this may seem like a long-winded approach that will be ttime-consumingto implement. it actually takes less time, because so much of the inbound process is automated.

It saves time in the sales process, as qualified opportunities are less likely to be price shopping; which means more time is spent progressing clients into contracts, rather than providing free quotes as part of a tendering process.


Builders Marketing

An inbound strategy doesn’t just apply to lead-generation; it applies to the entire sales process for a building company.

By constantly providing relevant and useful information to contacts who are at different stages of your sales process, you’re significantly increasing the chance of them progressing towards signing a contract.

However, it doesn’t end with the signing of a contract. The inbound approach continues through the build process, resulting in higher client satisfaction scores and more referrals, which is as close to free money as you will ever get in this industry!

Implementing an Inbound Marketing Strategy into your building company is no longer an option; it’s becoming essential for survival.

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