What Is A Lead Magnet?

Are you struggling to generate enough quality leads from your website to sustain your building company?

If you’re spending your hard earned cash on advertising, in order to promote your brand and get potential clients to visit your website, you certainly don’t want them slipping through your fingers and heading over to your competitor’s website…

But how can you stop them from leaving before they fill in your ‘contact us’ form?

If you’re currently facing this problem and you don’t fix it, you’ll end up taking on more and more problem clients at low margins, just to maintain cash-flow…

And that never ends well for a building company!

However, if you were generating a constant stream of new leads from your website, you’d be in the perfect position to choose your clients AND present building contracts at higher margins…

You don’t have to drop your price in order to win a job when you have plenty of enquiries!

The key to generating more leads from your existing website is using a ‘Lead Magnet’.

What Is A Lead Magnet

If you’re not already using a lead magnet on your website, then you can expect to see an increase of around 900% in the number of leads generated from your existing traffic.

Think about that – with no extra advertising or expensive website redesigns, you can 10x the number of new leads your building company generates each month, JUST by adding this one thing!

These numbers aren’t made up. We recently analysed 27 building companies that we started providing SEO services for, who did not previously have a Lead Magnet on their homepages.

We recorded the number of leads they were generating per 100 visitors at the start of the experiment; and again, three months later, after the Lead Magnet had been added.

The results were staggering!

On average, these building companies were generating 0.47 leads per hundred (1 in 200) at the beginning of the experiment; and 4.71 leads per hundred once the lead magnet had been added!

So, now you may be thinking…

What is a Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet For Builders

A lead magnet is essentially an ‘information upgrade’. It’s the next piece of information your website visitor might be looking for. It can be provided as a download, in exchange for an email address.

It can be a consumer guide that covers tips or nuggets of essential information not already available on your website.

It could even be a price list (if that is an option in your market), a plan range, a checklist or even a video.

Whatever it is, it needs to be ultra-specific and help the consumer to reach a desired end result. That desired end result could be knowledge (information) or simply a tool that helps them to achieve their goal faster and easier (e.g. checklist or template).

The reason lead magnets work so well for building companies is because most consumers are in ‘research’ mode when they’re searching builders’ websites.

They’re simply not ready to have a conversation with a builder at this stage.

In fact, believe it or not, the thought of having a conversation with an industry expert – with all their terminology and builders’ jargon – is very intimidating for someone outside of the industry!

This is why not many people are filling in your ‘contact us’ form.

They’re thinking:

“What do I say?”

“What should I be asking?”

“I have no idea what I can expect from my budget…  and I don’t want to sound stupid!”

So they leave and continue their research on the web.

However, if you offered them something of value that they could opt in for…

Like a guide that outlined what they need to know BEFORE they even start designing a new home…

Or a checklist that shows them what to look out for in a builder’s quote…

That would be of interest to them right now!

So they get the information and you get their email address…

Which means you can now start building a relationship automatically via email.

In a couple of months’ time, when they’re ready to have a conversation, who do you think they’re going to call?

A random builder… Or the industry expert who has already provided them with valuable information and built-up a level of trust through consistent communication?

Lead Magnets are not just the key to generating more leads from your existing website; they are a critical component of your sales process.

If you are ready to 10x the number of enquiries you receive each month from your existing website, then now is the time to add a Lead Magnet to the home page.

To help you get started, we’ve created a free guide that walks you through the entire process.

When you have the ‘How To Create A Lead Magnet Guide For Builders’, you’ll have the blueprint for creating the component that’s currently missing from your website and costing you sales.

You’ll have the formula for positioning yourself as an authority in your local market and for getting new prospects to trust you, before you even speak to them.

Everything you need to know is included in this free download, so you can generate more leads from your existing website!