How The Sales Process Has Changed For Builders

According to Salesforce, 79% of buyers say it’s “absolutely critical” or “very important” to interact with a salesperson who is a trusted adviser – not just a salesperson.

Nothing new here…. people have always bought from people they know, like and trust.

However, what HAS changed over the past fifteen years is the buying process used by your prospects.

Previously, you’d meet with a new prospect and, over time, you’d build a relationship.

Now, the process is very different.

That’s because consumers are no longer interested in meeting with a builder that they don’t know.

Let me say that again: before a consumer will meet with a builder, they need to have a relationship already in place.

The Sales Process Has Been Reversed!

You now need to build a relationship with a prospect you’ve never met – in order to meet with them in the first place – and then build a relationship

Sounds impossible, right?

However, it’s not… And the builders that understand this are cleaning up!

They aren’t losing jobs on price; they’re actually winning jobs without being the lowest price…

All because they started building a relationship with a potential client, prior to meeting them; this is the key to becoming a trusted adviser – which we know leads to winning the contract.

You may be thinking, ‘how do I even begin to build a relationship with someone that I have never met?’

The Answer Is A Simple Three-Step Strategy:

Step 1: Attract them with something of value that they are prepared to provide their email address for

Step 2: Engage them by providing even more valuable information via email with no expectation of a sale

Step 3: Provide them with an option to speak with you (or one of your team members) about their project, without fear of being obligated to you.

Builders CRM Software

When you follow this three-step framework, you aren’t only building trust, you’re also building a relationship.

When a prospect does reach out to you, they already feel like they know you – so don’t be surprised if they greet you like a previous client, rather than a cold opportunity!

How do you attract new prospects by offering something of value and then following them up with even more value?

You Use A Builders CRM System.

A CRM for Builders is simply a database of your leads, combined with automation for managing those leads with pre-prepared content, which is sent out to each contact on a pre-configured timeline.

While this may sound complicated, in reality, these systems are fully automated. Once you connect a CRM system to your website (which only takes a few seconds), it will manage your marketing for you, 24/7, without missing a beat.

To show you how simple it is to implement a CRM system into your building company, we’ve put together a demo video that shows you exactly how you can start building a relationship with your new leads automatically… before you even have that first meeting or phone call.